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- Use your Website for Score Posting by Golfers! -

If your club, league or association has a website, with our Clubhouse Edition your golfers can post scores on your site, and you can download those scores into ScoreKeeper. Here's how it works:
   - You add a page like this one to your website (we provide a free, customizable model page),
   - Golfers fill out the form on the page to post a score, and these scores are saved in a file on your site,
   - You use
ScoreKeeper to connect to your website and import the scores saved there.

Try it ...  Fill in the form below to see how easy it is to post scores!

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In reporting your Posted Score, don't forget to apply 
USGA Equitable Stroke Control ...

Course Handicap (18-hole basis) Max allowed strokes per hole
less than 10 double bogey
10 to 19 7
20 to 29 8
30 to 39 9
40 and above 10

Your Posted (adjusted for ESC) Score:        Enter "T" if this is a tournament score: 

Please double-check your entries
before posting your score !


You can trial score posting on your website even if you currently have only the free evaluation version of ScoreKeeper.

To set up your own website for score posting ... click here.

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