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- Use your Website for Score Posting by Golfers! -

If your group has a website ... by adding a few ready-made pages to it ... golfers can post scores there!
 Then you can download those scores into your ScoreKeeper "Clubhouse Edition" software.

Scores can be posted for 18 or 9 holes; as totals or hole-by-hole.  Posted scores are held in a file on your website until you download them.  To set up your website for score posting, download our (free) model web pages, pre-built with all the required functions.  Then just customize the pages with your own information, and add them to your site.  (Your web hosting service must support a feature called "PHP".  This is a very common feature; almost all web hosters support it.)

Download model score-posting web pages              View demo of score-posting pages 

(If you prefer to build your own web pages "from scratch", the information you'll need is here.  You need this only if you do not  use the free model score-posting web pages.)

You can set up and try score posting on your website using any ScoreKeeper edition .... even our free evaluation software).  However, to actually use score posting ( i.e. to record in ScoreKeeper the scores posted by golfers on your site) our Clubhouse Edition software is required. 

You may want to ...
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 so you can refer to the following instructions in setting up your website for score posting.

How to equip your website for score posting:  (if you have a "webmaster", this is a job for him or her.)

1) Download a "zip" file containing the model score posting web pages.

2) "Unzip" the downloaded file, extracting the files contained in it.  Save these files onto your Windows desktop or to a temporary folder of your choice.

3) Launch your website authoring program.  Open your Website, and import the downloaded files into it.   

4) Add customization.  For example, insert you own club, league or association name ... your own email address ... your own golf course information.

How golfers post scores on your site ... and how you download them into ScoreKeeper:

1)  Score Posting by Golfers:  When the score posting pages have been added to your website, instruct your golfers to visit those pages using their web browsers, for example ...  "". Each page presents golfers with a form to fill out, and when they do a score is recorded in a file kept on the site (see below).  The form assures that all required entries are made ... ID code (the ID assigned to the golfer in ScoreKeeper), date of play, and total or hole-by-hole score.

Scores are automatically recorded in a file named "ScoreKeeperWebScores.txt" on your site.  This file retains all scores until you download them into ScoreKeeper as described in the following.

2)  Downloading Scores:  Your ScoreKeeper software contains a feature for downloading scores posted on your website, and incorporating them into each golfer's score history.  The location of this feature depends on which edition you have ... Clubhouse, League/Tournament, or Standard.
  - Clubhouse Edition:  In the Scoring Records menu, select "Web-based Score Entry". 
  - Standard & League/Tournament Editions:  In the Help menu, select "Demo: Download Web Scores".
(Only the Clubhouse Edition actually saves the downloaded scores; other editions display downloaded scores, but do not save them.)

In the window titled "Download Scores from Website", you establish an "FTP" connection to your website.  ScoreKeeper can then download all the scores which golfers have posted there since your latest previous download, if any.  You can examine the scores and delete any (e.g. an invalid score) before saving them.  The HELP button in the "Download Scores from Website" window has complete instructions for downloading and saving scores.

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