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- Download Free Evaluation (Demo) Software -

Here's how to download ScoreKeeper   (Steps may vary, depending on your browser.)       

  • Click on "Download ..." below.

  • When prompted to "Save" or "Run", select "Save".

  • Specify "Desktop" or any other convenient location (folder) as the destination for the download.

  • When the download completes, an item labeled "SKSetup" appears.

  • Double-click "SKSetup" and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Current ScoreKeeper users ... see important note at bottom of this page.

=>  Download ScoreKeeper Evaluation Software  <=

Trouble??  Did you receive an  "Error 0" message  when you tried to download?  Easy to fix ...
Be sure to select SAVE rather than RUN after clicking the download link.  Then RUN the downloaded software after the download has completed.


About evaluation software

This is not a "guided" demo which forces you through a pre-planned tour.  Rather, it is true working software ... our League & Tournament edition running in evaluation mode.  It is fully-functional with just two exceptions:  a limit of 10 golfers and a limit of 10 scores per golfer can be recorded.

Here's how to relate what you see in evaluation software to
our three software editions:

- Standard edition:  works very much like evaluation software, but does not include the "Competitions" menu.
- League/Tournament edition:  works exactly the same as evaluation software.
- Clubhouse edition:  The Help menu in evaluation software contains simulations of two key features found only in our Clubhouse edition:
       1) score posting by golfers through a PC (e.g. in a public area of a clubhouse),
       2) score posting by golfers through your Website.

We hope you enjoy exploring ScoreKeeper!


  Note to current users:  If you currently have an earlier ScoreKeeper version, do not install evaluation software into the same folder on your PC where the earlier version is installed.  Install the evaluation software into a different folder


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