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- Download Free Evaluation (Demo) Software -

Here's how to download ScoreKeeper
           (The following steps may vary, depending on the browser you are using)

  • Click on "Download ScoreKeeper Evaluation Software" below.

  • If a window appears offering "Save" or "Run", select "Save".

  • Specify "Desktop" or another convenient location (folder) as the destination for the download. Then click on "Save".

  • When the download completes, an icon labeled "SKSetup" appears.

  • Double-click the "SKSetup" Icon, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Current ScoreKeeper users ... see important note at bottom of this page.

=>  Download ScoreKeeper Evaluation Software  <=

About evaluation software

This is not a "guided" demo which forces you through a pre-planned tour.  Rather, it is true working software ... our League & Tournament edition running in evaluation mode.  It is fully-functional with just two exceptions:  a limit of 10 golfers and a limit of 10 scores per golfer can be recorded.

Here's how to relate what you see in evaluation software to
our three software editions:

- Standard edition:  functions much like evaluation software, but does not include the "Competitions" menu.
- League/Tournament edition:  functions exactly the same as evaluation software.
- Clubhouse edition:  The Help menu in evaluation software contains simulations of two key features found only in our Clubhouse edition:
       1) score posting by golfers through a PC (e.g. in a public area of a clubhouse),
       2) score posting by golfers through your Website.

We hope you enjoy exploring ScoreKeeper!

  Note to current users:  If you currently have an earlier ScoreKeeper version, do not install evaluation software into the same folder on your PC where the earlier version is installed.  Install the evaluation software into a different folder


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