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- Latest  Scorekeeper  Software -

If you're currently running an earlier version,
See What's New or Upgrade  to  Version 11  at substantial savings!

(If you purchased in 2017, your upgrade to V11 is FREE ...
just send us an email with your name and user code requesting it.)

Versions 10.0 and 10.5 Final Releases (free downloads)

If you're running one of these versions, please send us an e-mail to receive instructions for downloading (free) the final release of your software.
Be sure to include your
name and user code.  

Version 11 Latest Release (free download)

This update is for Version 11 users only.  The latest release, build #1065, is available for download and includes the following:  

If you received a prompt to download the latest release while running Scorekeeper, you should perform this download.  If you're unsure, open ScoreKeeper's Help menu and select "About...".  Look for the build number in the lower left corner; if lower than build #1065 you should perform this download.

DO NOT perform this download if you are running a ScoreKeeper version other than Version 11.    It can render your current software inoperable!

 Click here to download the latest release of Version 11 then proceed as follows:

- Select SAVE (not RUN) the file to be downloaded, and choose a convenient location such as "Windows Desktop" to save it.  Click OK and wait for the download to complete.  An "SKLatest" icon then appears on your desktop or in the folder you selected.

- Close ScoreKeeper if it is running.  The update cannot be installed if ScoreKeeper is running.

- Double-click the "SKLatest" icon on your desktop.  A window appears in which you to enter the folder on your PC where ScoreKeeper is installed.  That folder is probably ...
                                 "C:\scorekeeper"  or    "C:\program files\scorekeeper" 
  but may be different if you did not use the default folder when you installed.

- Click on "UNZIP".

- Start ScoreKeeper and select "About ... " in the Help menu.  Verify that you are running build #1065.  Also in the Help menu, select "User's Guide Supplement" to check for any changes. 


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