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To our loyal and valued customers ...

We will be retiring as of January 1, 2020.  But please note that software purchased from us does not expire in 2020; it can be run "forever"

The new World Handicap System (see for example USGA.ORG) will take effect on January 1, 2020. We will not be developing handicapping software for that system.  (Customers who use ScoreKeeper's "custom" handicap formula, rather than the USGA handicap formula, will be unaffected.) 

For registered users of  ScoreKeeper ...  it is vital to retain the Installer Program and User Code that you obtained from us when you purchased the software.  You will need both of these should you ever have to reinstall the software. You might have obtained these from us via CD-ROM or download, but in either case it is best to obtain from us via download the final version of the installer program for your version of ScoreKeeper: V10.0, V10.5, or V11.0.  We have these on hand for registered users of ScoreKeeper.  If you need one or both of these items, please send us an email telling us what you need prior to 1/1/2020

Sincere thanks to all who have supported us during our nearly thirty-year tenure in the golf industry.



The  ScoreKeeper family of  Version 11 software for golf:

A look


Standard Edition
(Handicaps & Statistics)

League & Tournament


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Handicapping per the Current USGA manual, including handicap cards


Golfer performance tracking & statistics (fairways-hit, greens-in-regulation, putts and more.)


Individual and USGA-compliant group reports


PC & web-based help


Versions for individual golfers, clubs, & associations.

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Prices & Ordering

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All Standard edition features, plus ...


Weekly Scheduling for golf leagues, 9-hole or 18-hole


Pairings (2, 3, 4-somes) for single-day or multi-day golf tournaments


Pre-printed scorecards


Many competition formats ... medal-play, match-play, Stableford, Peoria, scrambles, skins, best-ball and more ... individuals or teams.  Handles "competing from different tees" (example).

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All Standard edition features, all League/Tournament features, plus ...


Golfers can (safely!) post their own scores through a clubhouse PC or through your Website!


English or Spanish instructions for golfers as they post scores


System manager password security.

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Prices & Ordering

Try out Posting Scores on-line!

All ScoreKeeper editions include:

   -  Compatibility with all Windows versions ... Windows XP or later 

   -  True, up-to-date USGA, RCGA, and Custom handicap formulas
   -  Stand-alone PC operation (internet connection not required) or ...
   -  For customers who have websites (or who plan to) ...
      HTML reports, and built-in FTP for uploading
   -  54-page 'Adobe' PDF User Guide, and two years of free tech support.

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Thanks for your interest ...


... in ScoreKeeper software for golf.  We've been here since 1989, and provide an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal accepted.

Note:  "USGA" is a registered trademark of the United States Golf Association.  USGA  authorizes use of its formulas and trademarks only by groups following all procedures found in the "USGA Handicap System Manual" available at  ScoreKeeper implements USGA formulas for such use.

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