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Scorekeeper can free up time spent on accounting. It provides valuable tools needed and will help you because:

  • Bookkeeping will be done by automation and AI within 5 years
  • Artificial intelligence is infiltrating the financial sector.
  • A potential recession will make automation even more needed.
  • There are an inordinate amount of motivated sellers (boomers)
  • Accounting industry is behind in tech, automation and A.I.

"The Perfect Partnership Between Man & Machine."

We're here to help you...automate your bookkeeping with A.I.

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How A.I. & tech are changing accounting forever:

  • Exits: The exit-movtivated players are increasing
  • Boomers: Aging Baby Boomers with no succession plan
  • Valuations: Compliance-driven firms reducing in value
  • Tech Buys: Value-added tech purchases merged in
  • Growth M&A: ~66% of future growth will come from M&A
  • Client Niches: Firms wanting specialty client niches
  • Tax / Audit: Tax & Audit practices moving consulting model
  • Strategic M&A: Pickier and more strategic buyers about alignment

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Strategy Questions...Answered

  • We are targeting practices with 80% bookkeeping work and 20% other work
  • Not looking to acquire firms where over 20% of revenue is tax, payroll, & audit
  • Seller finance and earn-outs will be common and expected on each deal
  • Average multiple on the buy side ranges from 2.2X EBITDA to 5.5x EBITDA
  • It is possible that we will buy the book of business and not the practice
  • May 15 to December 15 is the ideal acquisition season for accounting firms
  • When we approach potential sellers they can:
    • Fold their practice into Scorekeeper to scale (if $300K+ in EBITDA)
    • Sell their practice to Scorekeeper and retire (if $500K+ in EBITDA)
    • Buy our technology (rare) for their practice (pricing is very aggressive)

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