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Can Corporate Gifting Help Your Business?

Feb 15, 2019

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Businesses spend a lot of money to find new clients and maintain established ones. Purchasing leads, cold calling, referrals, and sending out sales teams are common practices that are used to help generate a bigger clientele. Don’t get me wrong, these tactics usually work, that’s why they are so well known, but there is another tactic called corporate gifting that could be a great fit for your company. It provides a way for companies to reach new clients in a fun and unique way, and gifts can be sent to existing clients to let them know how much you appreciate their business.

What is it?
Shock and awe, or corporate, gifting is when companies send presents unsolicited to new clients. It can be sent to an office or in the mail and it usually contains something that has the companies logo on it. The best gifts are things that are useful to both the client and can relate back to the business that sent it. Gifts can be as simple as a small gift card or as elaborate as a dozen cupcakes with the company brand designed in the frosting. The more creative, practical, and unique, the more the client is excited about the gift.

How Can You be Apart of It?
This will take some planning. Sending gifts can be very expensive and time-consuming so there needs to be a goal in mind with the desired outcome. The truth is, not everyone you send a surprise gift to is going to sign up for your business. In fact, some might not even like the gift at all. “70% of business gift recipients report having experienced negative feelings at least once when receiving a gift from a business partner” because the gift itself didn’t feel personal. There is tons of data out there to support gift giving as a positive business practice, but that is only if it is done correctly. The easiest rule of thumb to follow is would it be something that you would like to receive? Expensive does not correlate with well-liked, so consider consulting with others to come up with some great ideas to send people.

What are Some Gifts You can Send?
Each gift should be unique to you and your business, so a generalized list might not be what you are looking for. But there are some common items that are usually appreciated:

Food: Baked goods or nonperishable items
Gift Baskets: Designed with the receiver in mind
Gift cards
Video Boxes
Water bottles, mugs, anything of the sort
Handwritten notes
Beauty Products

If you are wanting to try corporate gifting, Franbox now offers a custom gifting department that can help you create and send the perfect gift. There are a lot of ways that you can expand your business, but gifting can be a great way to create a great reputation with your clients and start off on the right foot. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things, it might surprise you how effective it can be.

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