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Case Study:

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Executive Summary:

Key City Insurance is a multi-generation, family-owned business. They have had a lot of success, but are always looking for ways to improve. The principle, Karl Thurman, attended the Savavo 2-day Marketing Strategy Summit. Although he was quite skeptical at first, he decided to go and see if there was anything he could use to improve his business. He has been using the Savavo platform ever since to add hundreds of new customers within the first 12 months.

The Challenge:

As an already successful company, it was sometimes difficult to think outside the box and analyze things from a different angle that might uncover hidden opportunities. This was true even for someone like Mr. Thurman, who was already experienced and knowledgeable about marketing in general.

The Solution:

Mr. Thurman attended the Summit, and was impressed by the things that were taught. The first step was redefining his ideal client was a first and paramount step that he took to improving his results. He invested in the full Savavo platform, from strategy through analytics and everything in between. Working with his Savavo marketing coach, he discovered an under-leveraged marketing opportunity, and developed a unique strategy designed to go after that opportunity.

The Results:

When the new strategy was launched, they received referrals on day one…a process that previously took six months. Within the first three weeks, they increased referrals into the organization by 200%. Because their customer lifetime value is so high, this and other improvements have led to major revenue growth. In short, in the first 6 months of using Savavo, Mr. Thurman was able to add 400 new paying clients that fit his ideal client profile.

“I would fully recommend SAVAVO to anyone looking to grow their business”-Karl Thurman, Owner