All-inclusive marketing metrics that combines online and offline communications into a powerful yet elegant platform for analytics.
Comprehensive investigation of marketing using prioritization of performance restraints, trends, and history - all backed by an all-inclusive platform.
Self-regulated marketing perception with suggested actions for implementation using a thorough metrics and analysis platform.
Innovative, all-inclusive perceptive marketing analysis, constructing an unparalleled upper hand in marketing intuition.

Website Metrics

Cutting edge web analysis that meets the expectations of comparable products, but with a dashboard that is much simpler to interpret.

Conversion Metrics

First-rate click campaign, goal and lead accumulation mechanics, a record which endeavors produce conversion from offline and online sources.

Social Site Metrics

Social Site Metrics combines the metrics from your most used social venues and assists you to track your momentum and customer connection.

Phone Call Metrics

Top of the line phone call tracking technology combined with the most current marketing understanding yields prestigious offline tracking capacity.

Conversation Metrics

Informative support, billing, sales or other areas on-call operation grades such as: sales savvy, deal closing, complaints, professionalism, etc.

  • blue checkmark REAL-TIME WEB ANALYTICS Simpler to comprehend - Just as powerful
  • blue checkmark ROBUST ALERTS & REPORTS Automatic marketing data upon request
  • blue checkmark ENTERPRISE CLICK TRACKING Click metrics both offline and online
  • blue checkmark LEAD ANALYTICS Constant surveillance of your leads
  • blue checkmark SEARCH RANKING TRACKER Precise & history-based search rankings
  • blue checkmark CUSTOM WEB GOALS Tailor-made conversion tracking
  • blue checkmark CALL TRACKING MINUTES Unrestrained minutes per call
  • blue checkmark AD CAMPAIGNS Combination of offline and online metrics
  • blue checkmark AD GROUP Robust reports based on ad type

Enable Automated Alerts & Reports

Keep up in real-time, instantly get alerts and reports
of marketing events that you would not
have known about.
Now you know.


What does sales and marketing intelligence really cost?

On average, CMOs say they spend about 8% of the budget on analytics. This number continues to grow each year.
With our program, you will usually spend 5% or less of your marketing budget on analytics - leaving you a nice R.O.I.